Meet the host

Chris serving his guests at a pool party last year

#EndlessBBQ is being made possible by an all around great guy, Chris, or @herrea. He hosted the first night of the original Endless, plus numerous other Space Tweep shindigs, and was a co-planner (or is that co-conspirator?) of the Space Coast Yuri’s Night Pub Crawl 2011. He is one of the original space tweeps from when the Space Tweep Society first formed over two years ago. Chris’ parties are always fun and have great food. Sometimes there are semi-dangerous laser displays in the backyard, often there are bonfires, and occasionally there are pirate ship battles or slip n’ slides aimed into the pool. You never know what to expect.

Pirate Chris engaged in battle

Chris and his cat, @RRavage are opening their home (Decepticon Headquarters) to us once again for another round of #endlessBBQ. Thank you Chris and Ravage, and everyone else who is helping to make this #EndlessBBQ an epic event!

@RRavage says don't mess with her, she's a Decepticon


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