Meet the entertainers

Those of you attending #endlessBBQ v2.0 are in for a real treat. Live music will be played by our own fabulous space tweep  @CraftLass! She has been a part of several #NASAtweetups, including the STS-133 Launch tweetup. If you haven’t checked out her music yet, you will want to. She writes songs that space geeks can relate to, like Bake Sale for NASA, and Above the Sky. She performed at the Space Coast Yuri’s Night celebration in 2010 at the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and we are excited to have her back on the Space Coast performing at the #endlessBBQ!

A contemplative @CraftLass- Photo by Chris Weems

Also contributing to the auditory ambiance of the event will be our DJ, @The RealDJFlux. Flux is a long time space tweep, #NASATweetup STS-133 alumnus, and all-around awesome guy. In fact, he gave a great demonstration to a group of space tweeps at the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex after the launch of STS-133 on DJing. I never realized how much math went into it! Of course I never lived in places where we had good DJs like Flux, so maybe that is why. Flux is one of the founders of a cool company called MIC or Music Integrated Clothing, which features sweet designs such a this hoodie that appeals to both space and music fans.

Flux at the Big House - Image ©2010 The AV Club -

Emory is also a Renaissance & Medieval re-enactor!

Update: We are pleased to announce that we will also have Emory Stagmer, or @VAXHeadroom at the event performing. Emory is the Lead Flight Software Engineer for projects such as NASA’s LCROSS. In addition, he is the Executive Producer and Head Engineer of  Untied Music, and a talented musician himself. Emory has been involved with many tweetups and other space related events such as @SpaceUpDC and @YurisNight. He is pleased to have been selected as a participant for the STS-135 Launch @NASATweetup!

With entertainment like this- you’d be crazy to miss the #endlessBBQ v2.0!


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