How it all began

#EndlessBBQ is a recent tradition, only as old as the last shuttle launch, so you may wonder how it came to be. It began very low profile, as a simple BBQ at @herrea‘s house just after the first launch attempt of  STS-134 was scrubbed. As we prepared to go to the barbeque, it was a comment made by @natachac, something about how it would be an endless barbecue (as @herrea‘s parties tend to go on until the wee hours) that stuck in my mind. When we arrived, I spread the word- “we’re calling this the #endlessBBQ” and the tweets started flowing. It was a great event, and the next night those of us who were still around gathered at a different location with all the leftovers, and again the next night. On the fourth night, the #endlessBBQ moved to my house, though all that was left to eat was a bunch of hotdogs.

So, we’ve decided, for an event to officially qualify as part of our ongoing #endlessBBQ, some food items from the last event must carry forward. Don’t worry, we won’t have old, rotten food, we’re going to bring the leftover ketchup, mustard, and relish from the original event to keep it going. We’ll have to remember to save something this time to carry forward for the next one. I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a long tradition of launches and barbecues. With Juno launching next month, GRAIL after that, then another SpaceX launch and then MSL, there will be plenty of opportunities!


One Comment on “How it all began”

  1. As long as some of the same people come back, doesn’t that count? 🙂
    I can’t WAIT for this one – gonna be quite the blowout!

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