#endlessBBQ v2.0 Video

Here’s a great video of the event made by the very talented Dennis Bonilla, @harbingeralpha. Thanks, Dennis!



We made this amazing sign with the magnetic LEDs that @thinkgeek sent us

We are overwhelmed at the wonderful response to #endlessBBQ v2.0 and thrilled that so many of you were able to make it. We had a great time, and from the sound of things, most of you did too. Our best guess at how many were in attendance was around 250. That is based on us going through 160 name badges, 25-30 improvised name badges when those ran out, 36 staff and sponsor badges, and dozens more with no name badges at all after we ran out of the improvised ones.

Even with that many people, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, despite the heat and evil mosquitoes. Not surprisingly, the local sheriffs made an appearance once, but it was only due to cars parked on both sides of the street. Once they were moved to our auxiliary parking lot, everything was fine. There was great food, amazing live music, a wonderful DJ, swimming, #endlessBBQ and space swag giveaways, and more. What made the event truly epic was the people who were there. Everyone was friendly, cooperative, and just downright pleasant. Special thanks to our staff who really worked hard at cooking, cleaning, serving, shopping, setting up, DJing, performing, supplying and setting up equipment for streaming video, and more. We also want to thank those of you who brought swag to give away, created glittery shuttle body art for guests, lugged heavy camera gear and took amazing photos and videos, brought a huge telescope, built an impromptu microphone stand with a tiki torch, fan, and duct tape, and so on. You all rock.

#endlessBBQ v2.0 is underway!

The event has started! Join us, or watch live streams here.

More sponsors! Woohoo!

In the last few days, I have been contacted by several more people wanting to sponsor the #endlessBBQ in one way or another. How cool is that? Huge thanks to Music Integrated Clothing, ThinkGeek, Dennis and Erin Bonilla, and TheSpacePort.us.

We are getting really excited about the event- how about you?

How it all began

#EndlessBBQ is a recent tradition, only as old as the last shuttle launch, so you may wonder how it came to be. It began very low profile, as a simple BBQ at @herrea‘s house just after the first launch attempt of  STS-134 was scrubbed. As we prepared to go to the barbeque, it was a comment made by @natachac, something about how it would be an endless barbecue (as @herrea‘s parties tend to go on until the wee hours) that stuck in my mind. When we arrived, I spread the word- “we’re calling this the #endlessBBQ” and the tweets started flowing. It was a great event, and the next night those of us who were still around gathered at a different location with all the leftovers, and again the next night. On the fourth night, the #endlessBBQ moved to my house, though all that was left to eat was a bunch of hotdogs.

So, we’ve decided, for an event to officially qualify as part of our ongoing #endlessBBQ, some food items from the last event must carry forward. Don’t worry, we won’t have old, rotten food, we’re going to bring the leftover ketchup, mustard, and relish from the original event to keep it going. We’ll have to remember to save something this time to carry forward for the next one. I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a long tradition of launches and barbecues. With Juno launching next month, GRAIL after that, then another SpaceX launch and then MSL, there will be plenty of opportunities!

To bring or not to bring, that is the question…

One of the tweeps tweeted at us a while ago asking if we had a “to bring/not to bring” list for the event. We didn’t have one at the time, but we thought it might be a good idea (thanks, @tim846).

To bring:

  • Coolers and ice
  • Beverages (there will be some supplied, but more are always welcome)
  • Any special food you want or need due to dietary restrictions/allergies
  • Folding chairs- we’ll have a lot of chairs, but are expecting a *whole* lot of people, so if you have them, bring them
  • Insect repellent- we anticipate the BBQ spilling out into the backyard
  • Swimsuit and towel if you plan on swimming
  • Business or “tweep” cards to trade with others if you like
  • Awesome space swag/stickers to give away
  • Tweeting devices (duh)
  • Cameras
  • Lasers
  • Your $5 per person minimum donation if you haven’t donated via PayPal in advance

Not to bring:

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Illegal anything, except lasers (kidding)
  • A bad attitude- seriously, no whiners
At your discretion:
We’d like to reiterate from our main EndlessBBQ v2.0 post, the following:
Please realize this was not designed or intended to be a kid-friendly event. That being said, a couple of our most valued tweeps are under 18 and we have no intention of excluding them. We are not saying “no children allowed,” but are leaving it to your discretion and insisting that only well-behaved, well-supervised children will be in attendance. Just be aware, if you bring children, this may not be the most appropriate environment for them (drinking, amuckness) and there is a pool, so they will need to be supervised very closely by you for their safety. In addition, this event will be streamed live over the internet, tweeted, Facebooked, Flickrd, YouTubed, and so on. By bringing minors, you signify your willingness for them to appear in tweets, status updates, photos, videos, streams, and any other media that is generated at the #endlessBBQ.

We have Sponsors!

Image credit: Kelley Designs

Wow- this was unexpected, but it seems that we actually have some sponsors for the #endlessBBQ v2.0! Open Luna has generously offered to sponsor a keg, SpaceVidCast is going to live stream the event with multiple camera views, and Yuri’s Night and the Space Tweep Society will be providing some swag!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the event, please email to jen at endlessbbq dot com. We’ll be sure to promote your organization on our site as well as on Twitter!